The AMA have published that around 12% of the general population of WA experience and are treated for mental health problems*, and this is set to rise with much of the adult population experiencing mental health issues at some point in their life. Currently Aboriginal / Indigenous Australians receive health support for mental health illness at significantly higher rates than the general population. 3% of the population is Aboriginal/Indigenous but make up 5% of the population for mental health inpatient services*.

SPH Architecture + Interiors have been and are involved in all facets of Mental Health illness architecture and design. Working with a triangle of care approach working collaboratively in co-design with careers, consumers, and clinicians.

The design team understand the complexity of mental illness in people’s lives and how it is ever-changing. With this it is important SPH design team always have the patient’s recovery journey in mind. This has created important change through design as SPH travel the path from Community Support + Treatment, working on the Butler Community Mental Health facility, to Community Bed-Based facilities with the Bunbury Step-Up Step-Down project, right through to acute intensive hospital care facilities.

Many of Perth’s older Mental Health facilities are fast moving beyond their use by date, no longer meeting the patient’s recovery journey nor allowing space for families who are greatly affected during a family members journey.

SPH Architecture + Interiors are working closely with North Metro Health Service to enable refurbishment of Graylands, Selby Lodge, Osborne Park and the likes to provide a de-institutionalised feeling and create a somewhat normal environment that is also safe for both patients and staff.

Utilising a triangle of care approach SPH recognise that the mental health and well-being of the staff is vital to enabling a healing environment that allow staff to flourish. Designing open/visible spaces without the need for overt surveillance helps the wellbeing for the patients while keeping staff safe.

“SPH Architecture + Interiors focus is all about designing for humans. It is important to really see the people, whether they are staff, high risk patients or being treated in their community. We want to ensure that our designs are places for people to feel welcome to walk into and be able to start or continue their journey.” – Lisa Hunt.

Additionally, with an expertise in Dementia Design this allows SPH to incorporate design that accommodates our aging population in Mental Health facilities.


The Mental Health, Promotion, Mental Illness, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Plan 2018-2025, identified the need for the proportion of the Commission’s budget dedicated for mental health prevention and promotion services to increase to 2% by the end of 2017 and 5% by the end of 2025. – Source;

*Mental Health Commission WA

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