The proposed Keiki Kallaroo Early Learning Centre is located on a sloping site in Perth’s coastal northern suburbs. SPH worked closely with the owners of Keiki Early Leaning to develop a high quality, warm and inviting design that is connected to its site and surrounding community.

SPH Architects approached the design through a thoughtful investigation of the individual site, which contained a 3.5m fall from north to south. The decision was made to work with the natural topography, which resulted in a single level floor plan with an under-croft car park. The choice to bunker the car park into the hill, allowed the architectural form and gardens to take advantage of the north facing aspect.

SPH aimed to incorporate key design principles to enrich the experience for children, staff and careers. We prioritised a close connection to nature, with each playroom opening directly to verandas and gardens. The playrooms are light filled, airy and contain large sliding doors which allow the sea breezes to filter through the spaces, reducing the reliance on air conditioning. The external garden and play spaces wrap around the building form and contain a range of tall trees, creating a park-like atmosphere and a lush backdrop within the community. These elements combined create a warm, inviting environment which nurtures children, giving them the freedom to explore, learn and create.

Scope Full service architectural and interior design
Location Kallaroo, WA
Status Active
Value $2 M
Size 1,400 sqm