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Ocean Gardens is an existing retirement village in Perth's City Beach that is redefining the nature of retirement as a stage of life ripe with possibilities.

Our clients approached SPH to help bring this vision to life, by transforming the existing village into an attractive and desirable address and valued community asset.  

They aimed to create independent modern living options in a series of new buildings – surrounded by lush, landscaped gardens – and to centre village life around the provision of high-quality communal facilities.

Initially, Ocean Gardens tasked SPH to help them understand the development potential of this site, while maintaining the existing residences.

In response, we developed a new boutique building typology – in keeping with the affluent location – that can be delivered in stages over the next 20 years. Each new building has its own unique identity, and all will sit comfortably within this appealing masterplanned community.

This approach enables Ocean Gardens to manage the existing buildings with minimal disruption for current residents, and to maintain cashflow. And the inbuilt flexibility of the masterplan allows them to adjust delivery of future projects in line with market conditions.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project arose from the site’s natural topography – it features a 15m vertical change of level – which presents significant challenges in terms of maintaining accessiblity in an inclusive and economical way.  

To overcome this challenge, SPH proposed a strategy that positions the small-scale residential buildings as a series of linked podiums – by including lifts and communal spaces – so that all residents can move freely across the site on flat ground, while enjoying the amenities and panoramic views.

To achieve the client’s ambitious goals, the new masterplan:

  • Delivers an architectural philosophy that is modern and inviting, through the provision of aspirational, high-quality residential experiences that align with the target demographic;
  • Enhances the ‘garden village’ aesthetic by creating a series of connected green spaces, which respond to the sloping site and take advantage of its full potential;
  • Provides an environment that is accessible, equitable and which enables aging in place; and
  • Facilitates connection with the wider community through the provision of flexible shared spaces, that draw the neighbouring community into the site while maintaining resident privacy and security.

As this masterplan is realised, it will increase the potential for current and future residents to enjoy the promise of village life – with its focus on independence and participation – and to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives in their own homes.

Ocean Gardens
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