Beyond Architecture
and Interior Design

We are architects and interior designers, yet our role expands beyond the traditional scope of those disciplines. We provide strategic guidance, expert knowledge and business insights to our clients.


Western Power, Forestdale Depot


In addition to the services outlined below, we offer a full suite of architecture and interior design services to guide you through the concept, construction and completion of your project.  Our services are divided into five key stages, and we can tailor our recommended response to suit your site, brief, budget and aspirations.

Initial Consultation
Brief Optimisation
Business Case
Feasibility Study
Asset Audit Reports
Interior Design
Post Completion

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Contract Management
Construction Stage Assistance
Post Completion

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Defects (Liability Period)
Post Occupancy Evaluation

Are you ready to talk?

Many of our clients approach us at the early phases of a project when they are not yet sure exactly what they need. Often they are grappling with questions such as:  

  • How much floorspace should we lease to meet our business needs?
  • Where should our new premises be located?
  • How can we organise all of our business functions and requirements in the most efficient way possible, to save money and streamline processes for our people?
  • What is this new project going to cost us? And how will it improve our bottom line?  
  • Do we even need to move at all?  

We love bringing our design and spatial thinking skills and experience to these complex problems, to help you achieve optimised solutions that cater to your unique needs.

How can we add value?

In some cases, we’ve helped clients to reconfigure their existing facilities to better support their processes and people, without having to build anything new at all.

And in other cases, we’ve helped clients to achieve clarity around what they really need, and then develop a plan to design and deliver that for them – in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.

Whichever way a project goes, we always deliver outcomes that exceed our clients expecations around what’s possible.

When should you seek our expert advice?

We’ve come to realise that we can add the most value when your project hasn’t yet started to take shape.  

We do this by:

  • Helping you to identify the most suitable site and location;
  • Interrogating your business case to ensure you’ve thought of everything;  
  • Analysing your current assets against existing and new business models;  
  • Optimising your brief to work out exactly how much (or how little) space you need; and  
  • Masterplanning projects so that you can deliver new facilities over time, as your business grows or your needs change.

Carrying out this in-depth analysis and interrogation before we start putting pen to paper for the design phase often enables us to save you money, accelerate the project delivery timeframe, and achieve your aspirations in inventive and unexpected ways.  

If you’re keen to tap into our design and project delivery insights and expertise – to help you get the most out of your next project – we invite you to utilise our pre-project services listed below.

Pre-Project Services

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