SPH Architecture + Interiors is a holistic design firm specialising in architectural and interior design, as well as master planning and project management.

SPH has developed a broad scope of experience in the aged care, retirement living, health, resource and industrial sectors, as well as more recently the education sector, so our clients can be sure they are entrusting the right architecture firm for their project.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

SPH are committed to providing our clients with innovative design solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, economically effective and environmentally responsible. Well-designed facilities are essential to support operational models and philosophies. Through active dialogue with peak bodies, government and vested-interest groups, we can monitor current trends and produce buildings that support the needs of the all end user groups.

Design Excellence

SPH believe that design is not simply a beautiful space, but it must also deliver the objectives of the organisation, efficiently and cost effectively.  As such, we back all of our design decisions with research and analysis. This is known as ‘evidence-based design’ and we feel this is the only way to fully deliver a large complex project successfully.

Our definition of excellence in design is to exceed the client’s expectations, whilst meeting the following four core objectives of:

  • Obtaining the best value for money through considering the initial construction cost, as well as whole-of-life operations and maintenance costs
  • Increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness of the process – getting to the desired end result quickly, efficiently and reliably
  • Identifying where specialist input is required and obtaining the right advice
  • Reducing operating risks, such as health and safety, environment and public

Why Are SPH Different?

If you are looking for strong design, creativity and experience, our team of Perth architects are the perfect fit. Our architecture firm is a balance of young, talented graduate architects and interior designers and senior, experienced registered architects and interior designers.

By pairing senior and junior team members on our projects, we can deliver outcomes that embrace new and emerging ideas in design, whilst remaining practical and compliant in their ultimate resolution.

Our Successes

As commercial architects in Perth, SPH have developed a strong track record when it comes to assisting our clients with the delivery of projects and achieving good outcomes, with our projects running within budget and on time