Sumitomo in Perth: Redefining Contemporary Commercial Interior Design
Known for our innovative approach to commercial interior design, SPH architecture + interiors was tasked with transforming the Sumitomo tenancy on the top floor of the Alluvion Building into an office space with a difference.

What resulted was an iconic 350 square metre space completed in November 2010. Lead by SPH architecture + interiors Tika Santoso and David Hall, the Sumitomo commercial interior design highlights the stunning panoramic views of Kings Park and Swan River while accommodating business and productivity through clever commercial interior design.

Drawing Upon Japanese Principles

Inspired by the Japanese origins of the client, our Perth interior designers combined minimalistic Japanese design principles with warm and textural natural materials to highlight the sundrenched interior.

Utilising a neutral palette with key red and yellow accent pieces, the interior fitout complements and enhances the panoramic vistas. Textural elements, like the 3D profiled acoustic wall cladding and rich tones of the recycled timber flooring, wall and ceilings, add to the earthy yet streamlined aesthetic. Feature wallpaper and mosaic tiled splashbacks in the staff cafesĀ© bring a sense of playfulness and personality to the space.

Managing Floor Plans and Acoustics

With unique spatial confines and hard surfaces, acoustics were a primary concern. With only one solid wall to work with, designers utilised sound absorbing wall panelling to address the spaces acoustic needs while visually softening hard interior plans. Acoustic carpet tiles support the ideal distribution of sound for the open plan workspace.

An exercise in collaborative problem solving between designers, consultants and contractors, the success of the project is a testament to innovative thinking, creative design, logistical expertise and client trust.
Adding Elements of Nature

As a firm with principles in green design and sustainability, our client was keen to adopt best practice green principles. Internal environmental quality played a huge factor in fitout design. Inspired by green principles, the commercial interior design makes a narrow footprint feel open and expansive by maximising panoramic views and making way for an influx of natural light.

With 180-degree views and an abundance of sunlight, minimal artificial lighting was required. Motorised silverscreen window treatments were utilised along with dual blind blockout capabilities for heat-loading elevations. Highlighting the panoramic views, recyclable materials were employed throughout the space alongside low height plants to maintain the exterior outlook.

Adding warmth and breaking up the linearity of the shell, timber veneer feature columns and beam extrusions were inserted. Contrasting metallic pieces, woollen yarn carpets and recycled timber harmonise with vibrant accent furniture pieces.

Highlighting Individuality

As established and innovative interior designers and architects in Perth, the SPH architecture + interiors team draws upon a spaces uniqueness and individuality when it comes to design. Stunning panoramic vistas allowed us to explore the manipulation of natural light while our clients Japanese origins saw us incorporate prints and access inspired by Japanese principles.

What resulted was Sumitomo; an iconic corporate office space that highlights Perth’s natural beauty.

Scope Interior Fitout
Location Alluvion Building, Mounts Bay Road Perth
Status Completed
Value $990,000
Size 350 sqm