Market Creations approached SPH architecture + interiors in Perth with the intent of creating a modern and dynamic space for their marketing and technology agency. Selecting the former Commonwealth Bank building in the regional centre of Geraldton, the Market Creations office was completed in November 2011.

With creativity, corporate branding, visual engagement and transparency identified as core ideals, we had the opportunity to transform the definition of a workspace. A relatively new concept for regional areas like Geraldton, the client opted for an open plan working environment that inspired innovation. While businesses in regional areas still sometimes associate cellular spaces with status and success, Market Creations office is a testament to a changing work culture.

Lead by project manager David Hall and commercial interior designer Tika Santoso in Perth, the team set a high precedent of bold open plan interior design incorporating graphics and prints made in collaboration with graphic designers. The 600 square metre fitout reinvigorated the business, improving the company profile and boosting staff productivity.

Encouraging a Level Hierarchy
The clients primary concern was maintaining a high level of amenity while creating a work environment that rivalled design-focused metropolitan spaces. An open plan approach was adopted to encourage a level hierarchy and collaborative atmosphere amongst employees.

To enhance the interactive nature of the business, the commercial interior design incorporates glazing between spaces. A central open plan ensures access to facilities and amenities while meeting rooms and spaces were fitted with operable walls to meet the needs of end-users. To add a sense of intimacy in enclosed multifunctional spaces, reduced ceiling heights painted in black with matching fixtures were added for dramatic effect.

Corporate Branding Done Right
Key to a bold and dynamic commercial fitout is corporate branding done right. By engaging with the clients in-house team of graphic designers, we were able to incorporate Market Creations’ branding into the overall aesthetic of the space. Bold graphics and accent pieces result in a sense of spatial cohesion and individuality unique to the ethos of Market Creations.

Balancing Cost, Value and Sustainability
A majority of project costs were attributed to building and service refurbishments in order to meet code requirements. Final building work tenders were given to both local and metropolitan contractors to encourage competitiveness. To further minimise costs, furniture systems were tendered to various suppliers prior to final specifications and acoustic metal tile ceiling was reused.

Key to the success of any modern space, sustainability was at the forefront of the commercial interior design approach. Strategically placed integrated planter boxes provide visual screening while assisting in carbon dioxide absorption, recycled tiles and ceiling systems allowed for less waste going to landfill, furniture was selected with AFRDI and GECA credentials in mind and materials were selected based on sustainable product ratings.

Redefining Geraldton Workspaces
The architects and commercial interior design team at SPH architecture + interiors in Perth are proud to have been entrusted in bringing Market Creations new Geraldton space to life.

Unique corporate branding elements combined with an open plan collaborative workspace marks a new era in regional working environments. Were thrilled to have been a part of Geraldton changing corporate landscape and shift into inspired and innovative workspace designs.

Scope Interior Fitout
Location Geraldton, Western Australia
Status Completed
Value 234,000
Size 600 sqm