SPH architecture + interiors were engaged by Southern Plus (formerly Southern Cross Care) to undertake the master planning, architectural and interior design of the redevelopment of Kaleeya Hospital in East Fremantle, into a new aged care facility.

The Kaleeya Hospital closed in 2014 making way for its conversion into an 83 bed residential aged care facility.  As part of the redevelopment, SPH has converted numerous outdoor areas into aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional courtyard and balcony spaces. The intent was to provide spaces for residents, families and staff to have respite, relax, host small functions and use for activities such as therapy gardening.

The Southern Plus East Fremantle facility offers Destination Aged Care with a Difference Designed with the intention to offer residents onsite experiences through a series of uniquely themed spaces. The concept was based on the idea of a cruise ship, where living spaces are luxurious, comforting and homely, whilst common areas have differing and distinctive themes which make them destinations within a single facility.  This provides a sense of occasion from day to day through the variety of activities.

The planning of the East Fremantle Care Centre was challenging.  The design was for the extensive renovation / conversion of the existing maternity hospital into an aged care facility.  The greatest difficulty is that functionally a hospital is intended for short stays while aged care needs to be a comfortable and long term home.

Original spaces such as the operating theatres, clinical rooms and labs were demolished to provide new opportunities.  Where the operating theatres once stood is now an open courtyard and a new wing of bedrooms.  While the labs and some clinical spaces were removed and in their place is the new commercial laundry and delivery dock.

Critical to the success of the facility was the ability to subtly break down the existing long corridors and wings into smaller segments.  This is both operationally desirable and beneficial to residents.  The original hospital had long straight corridors and repetitive small bedroom.  While it was not possible to completely remove these spaces it was an essential part of the design to position the activity spaces intermittently along their length. In doing so breaking up their length existing bedrooms were completely gutted and refurbished with all new fittings and fixtures.  Where possible larger windows and increased cabinetry was introduced to give existing small rooms a feeling of space and amenities.

With an increasing demand for memory support care in the community, it was an essential inclusion within this facility to provide a purpose design dementia care wing.  We positioned this on the lower level, with a large accessible courtyard and views to the west of the site.  There were many important design principals and operational requirements for this wing.  The most important of all is to provide an environment that is supportive of the individual that promotes memory through subtle stimulation and gives space and variety to cater for all degrees of care.

Overall there were many other design elements:
– The hydrotherapy pool was refurbished
– Use of internal courtyards to provide natural lighting into lower levels and to all bedrooms.
– Versatile residential scale kitchens that can be used by residents outside of dining times.
– Sensory garden and veg patch
– Multigenerational design to promote the interactions between children and their grandparents through specific family cafe and courtyard.
– From a materiality perspective, the design strategy was to utilise a generally neutral architectural palette with the rich, warm Spotted Gum timber features and other natural textures and colours, to maximise natural light distribution and create a holistic experience for residents. Vivid colour accents are distributed through the facility’s furniture and artwork to address the amber lens issues associated with the aging eye and to energise and invigorate residents, their visiting families and the staff, respectively.

The facility provides four alternative dining destinations:
CASUAL DINING – Inspired by coastal Hamptons living, this space has expansive ocean views. This space reflects a laid-back yet up-market dining experience, featuring a shabby chic aesthetic with nautical themes.
FINE DINING – Boasts a high level of finish and ornate detail, with classic influences, rich, dark timbers, high coffered ceilings and luxe velvet furnishings. The space also services a glamorous waiting lounge and private outdoor courtyard for larger functions.
FAMILY CAFE – Inspired by a French Bistro aesthetic, allowing for relaxed social visits with friends and family and communal cooking experiences, similar to what you would experience within the extended family home. Bentwood furniture, geometric patterns and muted colours are the key elements to this aesthetic.
PRIVATE DINING – A space for families to enjoy a private meal with their loved ones for that special occasion, with a modern and eclectic design. AV facilities are included with a large TV and linked to a BBQ area in one of the communal courtyards.

Other available facilities include:
THEATRE – A nostalgic theatre room that captures the charm of old Hollywood glamour with iconic movie stars, plush velvet recliners and wall-to-wall drapery that make this destination the perfect space to sit back and enjoy the cinematic experience.
LIBRARY – Located opposite the main lounge room, with a large selection of books and a sophisticated aesthetic; the library reflects a quirky home office, complimented by classic elements that are timeless in style.
CARDS LOUNGE – Inspired by a traditional gentleman’s lounge, the Cards Room manifests classic wall moulding details in billiard green hues to create a sumptuous and stylish man-cave aesthetic. Marble and brass accents, plush velvet furnishings, and sepia photography of vintage planes, trains and automobiles create a distinctively masculine space that does not look out of place with the remaining interior.
TV LOUNGE – This communal lounge room includes a number of furniture settings that allow for communal TV watching, quiet relaxation or interaction with tea and coffee facilities in a style that exudes classic comfort.
SALON – Offering a hair and nail salon service where residents can indulge in some pampering. Feature wall paper, custom mirrors and sparkling chandelier, lends the space a sense of opulence and glamour.
ACTIVITY SPACE – This multipurpose space facilitates anything from yoga and Pilates, through to painting and craft workshops. The centre provides a daily roster of changing activities to suit varying interests of residents.
OUTDOOR SPACE – Residents have access to numerous, secure courtyards and balconies, most of which are directly accessible from their bedroom suites, connecting them to sensory gardens, fresh air, daily weather conditions and the greater community.

Scope Master planning , architectural and interior design of the redevelopment of Kaleeya Hospital into a new aged care facility.
Location East Fremantle, Western Australia
Status Completed
Value $14M